----hi. IIIIIII'm seth: a fem transboy in the most genderqueer way possible. And the sweetest, most adorable Slytherin. I'm kinda aromantic and kinda romantic towards every single friend I have. Also. Pansexual.
----I'm currently geeking out about Dangan Ronpa (not the anime, though!), Homestuck, and physics. Among other things. I live on the West Coast. I mostly post my own geeky crafts. With some queer stuff mixed in.
----If you're curious, my pronouns are neutral (ne, they), my adjectives are fem (cute, pretty) but not exclusively, and my nouns are boyish (boy, brother, guy, male) or neutral, but I'm not a 'man'! If you don't know me that well don't sweat it, though.
----I tend to not reblog stuff because tumblr culture makes me feel kinda weird sometimes and I want to avoid that.
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